Sunday, November 03, 2013

Helping Kids Isn't My Calling In Life

I went to the movies today to see Ender's Game, a classic sci-fi story with a cult following and a concordance of literature discussing its morality.  My local multiplex is typically crowded with families dragging their kids along for a day of distraction.  Thankfully there weren't that many kids out today.  My theater was devoid of the usual pre-pubescent whining, crying, and general unruliness that follow children everywhere they go.  The silence was golden.

American kids are going to have plenty to cry about in the decades ahead so they'd better get it out of their systems right now.  Baby Boomers who didn't save will support politicians who promise to guarantee their entitlements from Social Security and Medicare.  That means today's kids get nothing.  Student loan debt for those kids who attend college will destroy their ability to buy a house or support kids of their own.  That means today's kids will own nothing.  Unionized teachers are dumbing them down to the point where they will have to download several years' worth of MOOC modules just to make up for what they never learned.  That means today's kids know nothing.

Oh yeah, Ender's Game was about kids.  I could forgive that because the kid characters in the movie were acting like adults.  They trained for war, built teams that balanced each others' strengths, and wrestled with moral questions.  That was a welcome relief from the real world, where most of the adults I've known act like children.  Don't come crying to me, kids of all ages.  I won't pay your way.