Saturday, November 30, 2013

Could FedEx Really Be This Clueless On Coupons?

The only vendor I have ever used for business cards is FedEx.  They aren't the cheapest in town compared to some locally-owned print shops but they are fast, reliable, and convenient.  I've never had a problem with their products.  Their promotions, however, leave me wondering.

I picked up some new business cards today.  They look quite snazzy with the minimalist layout I designed myself, thank you very much.  The courteous FedEx employees behind the counter were so grateful for my business at the FedEx Office store on Sloat Blvd. in San Francisco that they handed me a coupon.  They are efficient and they have always been helpful to me.  I checked out the coupon when I got home because I'm one of those guys who always reads the fine print.  I'd like to share my discovery with all of you.

The first picture above is from the left side of this coupon.  Note the "order by" date of 12/31/2013 on the bottom.

The second picture above shows what puzzled me about two thirds of the way down the fine print.  The expiration dates says "11/31/2013" to my surprise.  I don't know about you folks, but I've never lived in a calendar year when November had a 31st day.  Even if they meant to print that final expiration date as "11/30/2013," that would make the expiration today.  Oh BTW, it conflicts with the "order by" date of 12/31/2013 in the first photo.

I don't get it, FedEx.  You want me to cough up another order on the nonexistent day of a month when the offer expires even though you tease me by saying I have until until the end of next month to place the order.

The four P's of the marketing mix have always been product, price, place (or placement), and promotion.  Like I said at the top, FedEx has all the product I ever need in the right place even if the price is a little extra.  This particular promotion just makes me LOL.  Thanks to FedEx for supporting my small business, Alfidi Capital, on this fine Saturday.