Monday, November 18, 2013

Departing Two Untrustworthy Sides In A Local Conflict

Ethical dilemmas are nothing new in business.  I've faced a few in my career and resolved them in ways that did not leave me financially, legally, or morally liable for other peoples' lapses.  Self-employment makes this much easier.  I have the luxury of walking away from people who are nothing but trouble.  I am doing so once again.

Two opposing sides have spent months trying to convince me of their righteousness.  Their protestations of innocence now fall upon deaf ears.  I have listened to both sides and researched their allegations through independent means.  I have concluded that neither party is trustworthy because their mutual claims are wildly out of touch with reality.

I do not need to reveal details of this conflict.  I am no longer a part of this conflict.  I have no financial or legal ties to either party.  The parties to this conflict will hear nothing more from me should they choose to continue to attempt contact, other than basic salutations.  I'm done.