Friday, November 08, 2013

Anti-Twitter Protesters Are Too Stupid to Understand Economics

I shake my head whenever brain-damaged San Franciscans do something to make The City look bad.  Protesters took to the street's outside Twitter's corporate headquarters after the company went IPO.  They object to the likelihood that the company's newly wealthy employees will bring prosperity and success to neighborhoods that were once hostage to check-cashing scams and flophouses.  The driving force behind this nonsense is a radical activist group named Eviction Free San Francisco.  They are part of the broad coalition of nutjobs in this town who believe profit is evil, property is theft, and every human being is entitled to unlimited free rides in life regardless of merit.  This crowd finds deficiencies in intellect or character to be especially attractive.

Here's a simple lesson in economics for these bottom-feeders.  When investors and inventors take risks to bring new technologies to the public, the free market rewards their foresight.  They also share their prosperity with the neighborhood by spending money on services offered by workers with less ambition and education.  Gentrification works by driving out scummy losers and replacing them with productive citizens.  Twitter's newly rich employees have every right in the world to enjoy themselves and spread their knowledge as they spend their dough.  Bidding up home prices encourages developers to build more housing to serve residents displaced by higher rents.  Displaced people usually have to move, but geographic mobility is a hallmark of a healthy economy.  They can always move back when their incomes are higher.  I couldn't always afford to live in San Francisco so I lived somewhere cheaper until I could afford to move up.  Idiots who refuse to live within their means have no business demanding subsidies from me.

This train of thought is too difficult for many progressive San Franciscans to understand.  They would rather rail against successful entrepreneurs than examine their own shortcomings or relocate somewhere more affordable.  I would love to serve them with eviction notices myself and film their lame crying faces for YouTube.  Hey, "Mickey Ronin" would fit right in with these stupid losers.  He can't produce anything, lives off other people's generosity, and loves to play the victim.  Somebody call a waaaaaaambulance already.  Sheesh.