Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013 Cheer From Alfidi Capital

I'll continue my time-honored tradition of running my obnoxious mouth on Thanksgiving Day.  I love it and I can't ever fail to remind the world of my genius.

I'm thankful for the Thanksgiving Day buffet at the Marines Memorial Club.  I haven't attended it in several years but today I went back.  It's still an excellent value.  I gorged on turkey, ham, stuffing, and several kinds of pate.  The holiday meal is available for veterans and their guests at a venue that is one big "thank you" to those who've served in the US armed forces.  I'm very thankful that "Mickey" and his brainwashed Stolen Valor supporters were nowhere in sight.  

I'm thankful for being so much more intelligent than my critics, who invariably can't follow my logic and don't get my humor.  Haters just don't understand that I can say whatever I like and that I don't have any products or services for sale.  I love the extra Web traffic they drive my way.  

I'm thankful for all of the trade shows and conferences I get to attend in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They provide me with intellectual material for my blogs.  A few of them even provide me with speaking opportunities where I show off my brilliance.  The audience really does notice and the venture investing community in this area is taking note of my expertise.  

I'm thankful for all of the attractive women who adore me.  These gals hang on my every word and love being photographed with me in public.  Nothing enhances one's reputation in San Francisco like being associated with Yours Truly.  Check out the websites for San Francisco society photographers if you need proof.  

Finally, I'm thankful to be a citizen of the United States of America.  This is the greatest country in the world because I say so.  We're so awesome in spite of the greed, debt, handouts, cronyism, obesity, plutocracy, and other problems I've chronicled on this blog.  Americans are something else and I can't ever imagine not being one of them.  

Thanksgiving Day 2013 turned out just fine here at Alfidi Capital.