Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Pathological Email Spammer

One particular email spammer keeps popping up in my inbox every couple of months. Asking this entity to remove me from their contact database was a waste, even though they promised to do so. Sending a very strongly worded response the next time they spammed me also obviously has not worked. Marking their endless pitches as junk email had better work, or else I need better email filters. Tech isn't the problem here. Human pathology finds end runs around tech barriers.

I have to wonder about the mental stability of spammy marketers. I grok the entrepreneur's desire to strain the limits of social tolerance in getting a message out. I have pushed my own luck with blog comments, link building requests, and social media blasts. The small number of times that my marketing got me banned from a media outlet were instructive. I pulled back where appropriate and changed my approach to channels that remain perpetually open. I am different from pathological spammers because I quickly learn when some channels are closed.

Enough is enough. If shunning, yelling, and banning don't work on this particular spammer then it's time for a complaint to some regulatory body. Maybe the FTC or FCC will care about a greedy, unscrupulous San Francisco area spammer who just won't leave me alone. Hearing this entity's titular head speak in public was bad enough when the misrepresentations just flowed from his mouth like a raging torrent. I need appropriate and effective means to turn that torrent off. The FTC Complaint Assistant is my starting point for fighting the good fight. Yeah, mister non-funder of people's nonsensical dream projects, I'm talking about you. Here comes the wrath of Alfidi Capital.