Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Alfidi Capital Web Presence Redesign 2015

My long-planned Web redesign is ready for its public debut. I have relaunched the Alfidi Capital main site, the Alfidi Capital Blog, and Third Eye OSINT with new layouts. I spent long hours imagining the future, and only a couple of hours making that future happen.

The background colors and text colors on all three Web properties now match. White backgrounds and black text have a minimalist aesthetic that makes the sites look like hard copy print. I wanted the design to have the same authority as permanently archived written words. I have always disdained fancy bells and whistles. Now I take that consideration to an extreme. I elevate substance over style.

I may adjust the font sizes and shading in the next few days to make my words easier to read. I am also considering different colors for Web links, but I will likely end up making the link text a classic blue shade. Blue hyperlinks recall the early days of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s when linked knowledge was a brand new concept. Everything old can be new again.

I made no changes to my social media channels. Those will always be confined to the color schemes and layout of their platform companies like Facebook. I don't need to change them even if I so desired. They work just fine in their present forms.

The most significant change I made is to the narrative content on several Alfidi Capital pages. I altered a small number of sentences to make them more readable. Most importantly, I completely removed any and all text that was sexist, derogatory, or otherwise negative. I now appreciate an imperative to be as inclusive and positive as possible. I may be sarcastic sometimes, but I can do so more gently. Optimism attracts people who want to hear brand new ideas. The words we express reflect our character. I can still be provocative by criticizing things that go wrong in finance. Now I can be original while staying on a moral high road.

I have made an editorial decision not to alter any controversial language on any previous blog posts. They exist in their past forms for a reason, mainly to capture changes in my thinking over the years and my real-time reactions to events. We don't get do-overs for old things in life, but we do get second chances to do new things right. This is Alfidi Capital, version 2.0, more elegant than ever.