Monday, September 23, 2013

Adding LOL Photos to Alfidi Capital

I'm always experimenting with ways to make the Alfidi Capital experience more phenomenal for my brilliant readers.  That's why I'm going to start adding LOLcats and other such pics to my blog posts.  Why LOLcats?  Well, they're cute and popular.  The Web is all about viral stuff and if one of these sarcastic kitties helps my stuff get seen then it's worth doing.  Other images of animals, people, and bizarre scenes shall appear as I see fit.

The Cheezburger Network has an automated LOL builder with stock photos.  I used it to create a photo that includes a haiku just for this inaugural occasion.  The finished LOLcat should appear here on the Cheezburger Network.  I don't know if it will stay up there forever so that's why all future LOL meme pics will appear here on the Alfidi Capital Blog.

LOLcat haiku here
Nothing to do with finance
Just more funny stuff