Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Financial Sarcasm Roundup for 02/02/16

There are always voters in an election year who think a politician can make the stock market go up. There's always a politician ready to pander to those voters. They are all stupid.

Bond yields are tanking in Japan. The two-year yield dropping to -0.11, even less than the BOJ's -0.10 rate for excess reserves, is totally crazy. How can they be profitable on any product with a duration of less than two years? This totally scrambles overnight lending to businesses. I want every hedge fund manager who jumped on the Japan bandwagon to be blown out of the water. Forcing the dumbest fund managers out of business will be a shock to the really dumb investors who trusted in non-existent genius.

Now the Federal Reserve is thinking about negative rates. The rest of the world sometimes laughs at America for the dumb things we often do here. Now we have the chance to be as dumb as the rest of the world in monetary policy. The shock of initiating NIRP may lift the US stock market as investors leave cash and enter riskier equities. The rush should last for about six months, the typical duration of monetary policy's lagged effects. After that, the deflationary death spiral across multiple asset classes will be impossible to prevent. Lethargic Americans will wonder what happened.

Leading financiers want better public company shareholder relations. Anything with Warren Buffett's approval will probably work. JP Morgan's involvement indicates confidence that its balance sheet will survive long-term turmoil. Better corporate governance is an imaginary prophylactic against corporate raiders. Private equity firms will target well-run firms anyway if they're undervalued. The best corporate governance policy would be an electric shock device attached to a board member's chair, activated if they fall asleep during a quarterly meeting.

Vote for panderers and they will do absolutely nothing for you. I promise. You can't vote for me because I work for myself.