Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dog-Gone Pitch Strikes Again With Real Estate Private Pre-Auction Baloney

My faithful readers may be familiar with my contempt for some dog-gone hucksters and their perpetual real estate seminars.  I blogged about this stuff almost five years ago.  Some organization obviously read my review of the seminar shortly after I published it and disliked it enough to have a flunkie respond.  They never bothered to remove my name from their mailing list.  So many employees are even dumber than I had estimated.

The result of someone's administrative oversight still arrive in my mailbox to this day.  I sometimes receive special invitations to attend a "private pre-auction real estate event" at hotels in San Francisco.  The group upgrades the venue sometimes, getting away from the airport hotels for more touristy spots.  The fold-out postcard always promises introductions to dealmakers hand-selected by a guru himself.  If they're anything like the hand-selected bums and losers I met at the original free seminar, the quality of their deals is likely to be zero.

Serious real estate investors can find real deals at local real estate clubs.  Your local bank can give you a heads up on any foreclosed properties from their REO portfolio they want to unload quickly.  Don't even bother hanging out with the bottom-feeders and shills that are likely to populate a mass-pitched event.