Thursday, January 01, 2015

Alfidi Capital Headed In New Directions For 2015

New Year's Day brings the perfect excuse to announce business changes.  I have carefully reviewed my activities in 2014 and I am about to make my business even more compelling than ever.  

The first change is the discontinuation of the monthly Alpha-D portfolio updates I've published for several years.  They have increasingly become a waste of effort.  I've made very few portfolio changes in recent years other than writing covered options.  The financial markets remain impossible to evaluate fairly.  Central bank intervention has ruined price discovery.  I will continue writing about individual stocks, and I will always disclose whether I have a position in anything I cover.  I just don't plan on actually taking any new positions until central bank intervention ends.  I can only hedge my existing positions until some market breakdown provides me with bargain purchases.  

The next major change is a planned redesign to the Alfidi Capital main site.  I planned a new design in 2014 but I did not execute it because it had to be perfect.  I now have the perfect layout in mind.  I take my time because I have high standards.  Expect to see a snazzy cosmetic update soon enough.  The number of site pages will remain the same and the links to my previously published reports will remain active.  

Some things will never change.  I will be as sarcastic as ever.  I will keep hurling obnoxious insults at fools who deserve opprobrium.  I will keep writing haiku and limericks.  I will continue to max out whatever investment opportunities exist in these heavily manipulated markets.  In fact, I made the maximum annual IRA contribution for 2015 of $5500 today.  The money will grow until I am an old fogey, provided I can find worthwhile investments in this year.  I will of course remain irresistible to attractive women, who cannot help but throw themselves at me in public.  The new year 2015 brings new chances for yours truly to score big in so many ways.