Monday, September 29, 2014

Financial Sarcasm Roundup for 09/29/14

Do you remember the last time I published something sarcastic?  If not, go back through my most recent blog articles.

Iron ore prices are heading down harder than ever as the leading low-cost producers force smaller competitors out.  Anyone who still buys the endless China bull story in the face of rising iron stockpiles is welcome to head down the tubes along with shuttered mining companies.  The remaining big producers will have no problems staying in business as market leaders.  Their pricing power should enable them to grab failed mines and grow their reserves.

Bill Gross' departure from the bond firm he founded caught major players by surprise.  I am not at all surprised.  He exited his firm on a high note as the US bond market remains at nosebleed valuations.  Seeking contrarian opportunities at a smaller firm enables him to build a new reputation after the bond market begins its inevitable slide.  Other company founders should remember that a firm they create is no longer theirs once larger investors steer it away from its roots.

I do track the "fin-tech" culture where financial startups launch.  A lot of them are focused on payments processing but there's only so much blood to squeeze from that stone.  These same startups will be among the many that vaporize (borrowing a word from one very prominent VC) because they can't reduce their burn rates.  I'll be in the market for some very cheap IP when these fin-tech darlings are on the street begging for spare change.  I'm certain I can figure out how to deploy their leftover tech after a bankruptcy court chops them up.

Catch me at Oracle OpenWorld this week if you want my sarcasm in person.  I have little time to spare while attractive women pursue me on the expo floor but I always have something cool to say.