Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alfidi Capital Publishes Sample 10-20-30 Rule Pitch Template for Startups

I'm a big fan of industry best practices.  Maybe it comes from my military background, where doctrinal sources form the core of a professional's body of knowledge.  Maybe I just don't like reinventing the wheel.  The best practice I've seen for structuring a startup's pitch to private investors is Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint.   It's been around for years but I still see tons of startups giving pitches that wander through endless narratives without telling us how their idea will solve market problems and make enormous profits.

I know why startups have trouble adopting the rule.  It's laid out in text and most human beings think visually.  Even smart people like entrepreneurs need pictorial examples of how to articulate a pitch using this awesome rule.  I have just solved this enormous problem for the benefit of all humanity.

Alfidi Capital has just published an outstanding Sample 10/20/30 Rule Pitch Template on its Special Reports page.  This template adapts the Alfidi Capital business model into a form that anyone can understand.  Entrepreneurs are free to marvel at the slide format and use it as a shining example of how to construct a pitch.  It even comes with a separate notes page version so entrepreneurs can see the kind of language a bona fide genius would use while speaking about the slides.  I make no warranty as to whether or not anyone could actually raise capital using my verbiage.  I'm not running anyone else's business and no else is running mine.

Please note that I reserve the right to update the slides any time I wish.  That's what entrepreneurs do as times change.