Thursday, October 14, 2010

Currency Crisis Awaits U.S. Dollar And The Rest Of The World

Pundits can pontificate all they like about leading currencies avoiding a state of war with each other.  The dollar is under attack by Uncle Sam himself thanks to a stealth round of quantitative easing that Helicopter Ben is waiting to launch

Perhaps describing QE as the end of the world as we know it is a bit much.  Apocalyptic apoplexy may not be appropriate.  All this excitement is making gold investors even more excited than they would be without their meds thanks to gold's rising priceInsanely high commodity prices make resource investors happy but prolong the popping of China's property bubbles.  What to do when the Chinese bubble pops?  Why, blow a new bubble in India with foreign direct investment, of course. 

Don't worry if you've decided to sit out these Asian bubbles and currency gyrations.  There will be a few more before China and India go to war against each other some day over their disputed Himalayan border

I hope I've given my readers enough to chew on while I look for some decent stocks that deserve my attention.