Saturday, September 04, 2010

Double-Dip Trial Balloons

You mean to tell me the U.S. economy could actually get worse?  Of course it can, and journos are finally doing their part to prep the reading public with the appropriate memes.  The only caveat I would suggest with that linked article's "five doomsday scenarios" suggestions is that they're all actually unfolding right now at varying speeds.

One doomsday scenario has already come to pass.  Craigslist has caved in to pressure and shut down its adult services.  What's up with that?  Illicit fun is one sector of the economy that definitely flourishes in a downturn as desperate housewives and work-study co-eds offer up some action just to make ends meet.  I'm disappointed.  Sex workers could do their part to get the stubborn unemployment rate down if we could only see them advertise their services on places like Craigslist.  They might also be able to help kick-start sluggish growth in the service sector, if you know what I mean.