Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Strange Confluence of Cash Flow, Real Estate, and Maybe Even Futures

I am really curious about a whole bunch of financial concepts.  I get even more curious when one or more purveyors of proprietary strategies join up in a marketing maelstrom.  Let's explore a recent confluence of several practitioners.

Go ahead and try to locate a source for someone named Dahl Downing and something called Cash-Flow Strategies.  Google Search results gave me absolutely nothing.  There is nothing morally or legally objectionable about squeezing every last cent of wealth enhancement into an IRA.  I also do not object to flipping income-producing properties or participating in tax deed auctions provided the players involved know what they're doing.  I just cannot understand doing these things without referencing a credentialed expert source or appropriate legal guidelines.  It takes a lot more than having an "invested IQ" to pull these things off.  It also takes more than a couple of slap-dash Web portals that warrant a Google warning about hackers.

Background homework on the stars of Flipping Vegas is just as entertaining as one could imagine.  Perhaps a computer algorithm or a paid gaggle of trolls have published a large number of negative comments all over the Web.  Anything is possible.  It is also possible that a lot of consumers with real complaints just need to vent their opinions.  Contracting out a presentation to pitch an abundance of education probably won't help matters.

There are better ways to spend time than chasing wild rabbits into dark holes.  I elected not to waste one of my weekend mornings listening to slick seminars on real estate.  I did not need to find out whether cash flow or futures were also on the agenda once I saw a whole bunch of shabbily dressed people milling about a hotel lobby waiting to register.  I really am better off on my own, thank you very much.