Monday, April 21, 2014

Updating the Alpha-D Portfolio for 04/21/14

This is the regular portfolio update I had planned to make, even though I made an unplanned update last week.  I did not do anything else today with FXA other than what I described last week.  My covered calls on FXC were assigned and the shares were sold away.  I bought them back in a wash sale and renewed the covered calls.  My covered calls on all of my GDX holdings expired unexercised, so I renewed those again.  My covered calls on FXF expired unexercised, and I renewed them.

Nothing else has changed.  I still have a pile of cash and a long put position against FXE.  I am still hedging for the possibility of hyperinflation.  It is a long, lonely wait and I couldn't care less.  There is no penalty for being early when the alternative is to ride a panic wave down with everyone else.  I would rather be long hard assets and stable currencies while other fools chase artificially pumped returns in conventional stocks and bonds.

I need to remind all of you idiots once again that none of this commentary constitutes financial advice.  I disclose my actions as a favor to the general public because you people should admire my genius.  I am not the least bit interested in what other people do with their own money.