Saturday, March 22, 2014

Americans Lulled To Sleep By Pumped Markets

I have noted for some time that Americans are oblivious to the main force driving their portfolios to the moon.  That would be central bank quantitative easing, all around the world.  One BIS report from 2013 said it all.  I'm not linking to it this time.  Go find it yourself.  Earn that knowledge with some work.

Americans typically don't save their paychecks and invest for retirement.  The poor don't have much income to save, although staying off booze and cigarettes would help.  The middle class has been instructed to believe in Social Security's mythical solvency.  That leaves the bottom four quintiles at the mercy of the top quintile.  The serf population will be quite large and desperate after the next crack-up.  I expect to have my pick of the litter as itinerant labor after I become their overlord.  This is where I would insert a sinister laugh track if I cared enough.

I do not listen to the nonsensical chatter spewing from financial advising media.  I did when I was a financial adviser from 2005-2006 and much of it made little sense to me.  I was terminated as a financial adviser because people don't want to hear the truth.  The retail salespeople attached to investment banks are riding the pump scheme for all it's worth.  I don't expect them to wake up.  The few financial advisers with sense enough to pursue independent paths can't compete with central banks determined to pump asset classes to the moon.  That's why I'm not a financial adviser.  No one wants my advice and I don't give any.

Lemmings can enjoy the wealth effect of pumped markets while it lasts.  Taking out HELOCs ended badly for many home "investors" after 2006.  Everyone has forgotten how that ended.  People are going to learn the hard way all over again.  America went to sleep after the financial crisis of 2008.  I'm not trying to wake the country up.  Other investors' pain will be my gain.