Monday, March 24, 2014

Alpha-D Update for 03/24/14

It's time for another portfolio refresh.  All of my covered calls on GDX, FXA, FXC, and FXF expired unexercised last weekend.  I renewed all of those call options for another month.  It's nice to pocket a little bit of cash once in a while.  I have not changed my reasons for holding some exposure to gold mining and foreign currencies.  I am not confident that the Federal Reserve's experiments with the US dollar will end on a happy note.

I continue to hold a long put position against FXE.  I still do not think the euro will hold together in its present form over the long term.  I have several months until this position expires, so I will review it each month in anticipation of a sale prior to expiration.  I would rather pocket a gain then let it go to waste.

I have not initiated any other positions this month.  I remain interested in timber REITs and public storage REITs as additional hard asset hedges.  Frankly, I remain interested in several mining and energy plays as hard asset hedges but very little in the markets is attractively priced right now.  I never overpay for anything.