Saturday, January 11, 2014

San Francisco People Problems

San Franciscans get on my nerves sometimes.  I've blogged before about my experiences at the Commonwealth Club watching know-nothings stand up to pontificate about their pet causes instead of asking questions.  I'm too polite to smack them around in person.  Here comes the hard core truth about my fellow citizens of The City.

San Francisco is America's snobbiest city.  There are obvious statistical causes of this unique mentality.  I found three so far.  The San Francisco MSA is far and away the highest income area in the US.  That's a lot of money floating around.  San Francisco also has the highest college degree density per square mile.  That's a lot of eggheads crammed into one space.  San Francisco has a far more unequal distribution of income than California or the US, according to measures by income quintile and by Gini coefficient.  Put these three statistical facts together and you get the highest concentration of clueless brats anywhere in America.

Such a high concentration of success naturally lends itself to egotism, self-absorption, and condescension.  This is on display at public forums, typically the Commonwealth Club, when people who have more money than sense will waste experts' valuable time with inanities.  It's also on display when clueless activists take to the streets advocating for socialized housing and the defeat of private property rights.  It is statistically likely, given this town's high concentration of wealth, that those protesters are from elite families.  It just goes to show that high income and high education can spawn high stupidity.  Shut up, ding-dongs, because you're not the experts on hand.

I strongly believe inbreeding may contribute to increased incidence of stupidity among top-drawer San Franciscans.  I attend social functions frequently and San Franciscans often ask me which high school I attended.  That's their way of identifying whether I'm native to The City.  Multi-generational San Franciscans tend to favor each other socially and of course this affects career progression and business opportunities.  I think inbreeding among long time San Franciscans is degrading the cognitive abilities of this town's ruling elite, much as it did in European aristocracies of olden times.  Royal intermarriage eventually led to the end of noble families as they failed to produce competent heirs.  There's nothing to prevent that from happening here, based on the courtship rituals I see playing out at black-tie galas.

The most immediately obvious solution to San Franciscans' stupidity is to smack them full force upside the head every time they open their fat mouths with an idiotic solution to a complex problem.  That would of course cause me legal problems so I have to restrain myself whenever I hear nonsense in this town.  The less obvious solution is for me to continue to cite examples of San Francisco stupidity on my blog.  This is a long-term solution to the problem but it is consistent with free enterprise and the rule of law, two things that are very important to me.  I just have to be patient during the next financial crisis as these rich inbreds start panicking.  They will provide me with amusement in the interim.

In San Francisco, people are the problem.  I am the solution.  I'll never leave this town.  My genius balances out the nonsense coming from the rest of the population.