Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blogroll and Linkable Policy Change at Alfidi Capital Blog

Here's a brief announcement of a revised approach I'm taking with this blog's social media footprint.  I cleaned out quite a few links from my "Blogroll of Bonanza" and "Linkables" widgets.  The links were either not backlinking to me, closed to visitors' comments, or simply long dead.  Those factors make them useless to me.  I only want to link to highly regarded sites and I expect top sites to link to me.  Quality matters at Alfidi Capital.

The links that appear in the Blogroll of Bonanza from now on are those blogs with high traffic and that enable comments.  The links that appear in Linkables are general business sites that likewise have high traffic and enable comments.  These are the sites I value for their openness to dialog with their readers.  I cannot afford to waste time monitoring irrelevant finance sites.

My blog remains closed to comments.  This is an editorial decision I made a long time ago because too many commenters were abusive or spammers.  Other sites have the time, patience, and staff to moderate their comment streams but I do not.  Feel free to call me a hypocrite but I'm not risking the quality of my content by allowing stupid losers to degrade it with inanity.  I post intelligent comments to other social media sites.  Some of my readers didn't live up to my own high standards.  I'm not going to let haters ruin things for everyone else.  Idiots need to go to some corner of cyberspace far away from me.