Friday, December 27, 2013

Alfidi Capital Publishes New Venn Diagrams On The Bernanke-Yellen Asset Bubble

I've published my first ever professional use of the Venn diagram.  Check out the Alfidi Capital free flowcharts page and find the last link.  That's my "Bernanke-Yellen Asset Bubble Venn Diagrams" impression of what the Fed's monetary stimulus is doing to asset markets.  The circles are not drawn to scale because this arrangement depicts impressionistic relationships and not statistical ones.  The point of this report is to understand that investors riding the Fed's coattails are hopeless idiots.  Professional investment managers are even more hopeless than retail investors.  Anyone hedging outside the main asset classes, like me, is assuming that central banks cannot pump markets forever.

Please note that I'm trying a different digital architecture with this particular document.  I've displayed it in Google Docs instead of uploading it to my business site.  I will probably migrate all of my existing reports to Google's cloud service in the next few weeks because I'm considering a redesign of the site.  I don't want my work to get lost after I launch a revised site.  I've been writing about the cloud long enough to know that it's secure and reliable.  If you have difficulty viewing my reports, keep trying.  Hit the reload button if necessary.