Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Words of Wisdom for One Very Stupid Assistant

An aspiring business person recently followed up on my recent chance meeting with him.  My assessment follows.

Learn to write in English with a proficiency that exceeds an eighth grade education.  Making repeat spelling and grammar errors in an email shows unfamiliarity with basic spell check functions.

Do not hand me your boss's business card and claim to speak for her or him.  That shows me how careless your boss is with business if they trust someone as illiterate as you.

Do not send me a report that is hundreds of pages long when I asked you to send me only the executive summary.  That shows me that you are unable to follow simple instructions and you enjoy wasting my time.

Do not tell me that your company has attended the largest conference of its kind in a certain country.  I have in fact attended the largest conference in that sector several times in the US.  The conference you cited isn't nearly as large.

I'm probably wasting a few precious seconds typing this blog entry.  I just had to get this on the record.  I will never do business with this very stupid aspiring business person or his associates.  I have high standards that idiots will never meet.