Sunday, October 20, 2013

Arrest Striking BART Workers, Indict BART Unions, Replace with Symphony Losers

I am sick and tired of stupid losers ruining the Bay Area's economy.  BART's unionized pea-brain workers have shut down the region's train system for the second time this year.  They demanded pay increases that exceed the CPI, pension plan contributions lower than what the rest of us pay into social Security, and health insurance premiums lower than what subsidized low-income earners would pay under the ACA exchanges.  I am totally disgusted with the arrogance of semi-literate button pushers and ticket takers who believe they are indispensable.  They are no such thing.  They are instead leeches and parasites who hold productive citizens hostage.  This demands a legal remedy.  Our elected leaders are too cowardly to do anything other than run their mouths.  I have a much more robust action plan in mind.

BART management should petition the federal court system to issue a back-to-work order.  If the striking union idiots refuse the order, management should immediately terminate them for insubordination.  Terminated employees lose the right to loiter on their employers' property, so BART management should have their police arrest any union slobs still picketing at BART stations.  Management should continue their campaign for justice by turning over all of the negotiation materials they received from the union reps to federal prosecutors.  I believe a case exists under the RICO Act to indict, convict, and shutter all of the BART employee unions that have obstructed productive negotiations and sought extortionate concessions from BART.  I'm pretty sure the NLRB would be cool with this action.  Remember that a "racket" is a fraudulent solution to a nonexistent problem.  Demanding high pay for low-value labor IMHO constitutes a racket.  Remember also that BART is a publicly-chartered institution and is supported by both ridership revenues and tax revenues.  Every work stoppage that delays scheduled maintenance puts the taxpayer on the hook for costs that rider revenues can't cover while trains aren't running.

This mass termination and prosecution would demand a new workforce.  I have the perfect candidates in mind.  The San Francisco Symphony losers in AFM Musicians Union Local Six went on strike earlier this year and were forced to back down when they realized they had zero public support and no realistic chance of obtaining their demands.  The stupidity they exhibited makes them perfect candidates for employees in public transit.  Union musicians can presumably follow simple instructions and show up on time, which is all that is required of menial labor.  Since classical musicians are so upset with what are already extremely high compensation levels, they should jump at the chance to pocket some extra coin during daylight hours from a real job.  They might even gain some appreciation for the livelihoods of people who work for a living.  Read my outstanding analysis of the San Francisco Symphony union losers from March 2013 to discover how much they need to learn.

Replacing BART workers with classical musicians will not help the system's long-term performance but it will at least take lots of snobs down a few pegs in both groups.  These stinking union bottom-feeders have no idea how good they have it, and how little they deserve for what they do.