Thursday, November 04, 2010

American Empire Goes To India

The Anglo-West seeks a return to a subcontinent it once abandoned.  The new Rome sends its royal entourage to impress the locals in a variety of ways.  A mighty flotilla will project Smart Power (TM) into India's tourist traps.  A royal tunnel will magically appear to protect sovereigns from the sight of unwashed commoners, and BTW it sounds way cooler than your typical red carpet.  Even coconuts are being harvested early lest they mature into ripened ICDs:  Improvised Coconut Devices.  Everything must go according to plan.  Nothing can be left to chance. 

India may very well scoff at this spectacle after it's over.  New Dehli has its own supersonic cruise missile program and a standing agreement with Russia to develop a fifth generation tactical fighter aircraft.  It's not like they need all of America's know-how, but they would like to cherry-pick what they can afford.  The country is also fairly unique among Asian nations in the readiness of its middle class to absorb domestic production that can't be exported.  That's a handy trait to have as central banks threaten to launch currency wars in response to the Fed's inflationary folly.  The trigger for part two of Great Depression 2.0 won't be a reenactment of Smoot-Hawley tariffs.  It will come from the responses of Asian central banks to the inflationary pressures of capital inflows.  India will be ready. 

Full disclosure:  No investments in Indian securities (yet).