Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative Is Full Of SF's Fruits And Nuts

I shopped at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco once, years ago, because it was the only place in San Francisco where I could find a bottle of mead.  Once I became aware of what this place represents, the revelation shall keep me away forever.

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative is the type of place the rest of America throws in San Francisco's face as an example of our collective stupidity.  The business model of a worker-owned co-op only makes sense if it delivers value to the customer.  The product selection and layout of this grocery store deliver no such value.  Much of the health fare (organic this, granola that) is overpriced compared to Whole Foods, with less variety.  Many of the cheese and wine selections are overpriced compared to Andronico's.  I compare prices everywhere I shop and just about everything at Rainbow is probably a better deal somewhere else.

The row upon row of craft-cult dietary supplements make me laugh.  Organic items are supposed to be healthy in and of themselves.  A balanced diet needs no supplements but cognitively challenged San Franciscans believe they need every special little grain of whatnot they can cram into their gullets.  It's part of The City's superiority complex.  Sprinkle that organic flax seed onto your quinoa and couscous, and wash it down with an acai-pomegranate-aloe smoothie.  Do it, people, or you'll be standing in the corner at the next cocktail party.  Some peasant raised those things on a certified conflict-free farm just for your special little stomach.

Shoppers need to know that some Rainbow Grocery supporters are openly sympathetic to Palestinian "liberation" organizations.  Feel free to search the web for more info on Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other like-minded groups.  If you love Loony Left causes and other forms of mental illness, then you'll find a home here with other malcontents and ne'er-do-wells on the fringes of our society.  If you envy capitalist success, then Rainbow Grocery Cooperative is for you.  It's definitely not for me.