Monday, August 19, 2013

Alpha-D Update for 08/19/13

This month's update is just as simple as last month's update.  My covered calls on FXF expired unused so I wrote some new ones with an expiration date next month.  The Swiss franc appears to be stable.  I do not expect it to rise significantly until either the eurozone or the US go into high inflation.

I maintain a long position in GDX as a hard asset hedge against the US dollar.  I maintain a long position in FXA, FXC, and FXF as currency hedges against the US dollar.  I maintain a long put position against FXE as a bet that the euro will not be able to retain its present form or value.

I picked up a huge amount of information at this year's MoneyShow, just like last year.  It's going to take me a while to write it all up.  There may be some ways for me to deploy the cash I'm holding.