Monday, August 12, 2013

Financial Sarcasm Roundup for 08/12/13

If I were a comic book superhero, my superpower just might be sarcasm.  I wouldn't need a disguise at all.

Germany has resigned itself to the likelihood of a new Greek bailout.  Even the stern German psyche has crumbled in the wake of the IMF's pivot away from austerity.  The Davos clique must be clucking with delirious excitement that their fixed-income investments and hedge fund debt arbitrage strategies are going to be preserved in amber.  No worries about hyperinflation for this crowd, no sir-ee.  I'm really going to enjoy watching the euro's hyperinflationary demise wipe these idiots out.  They can beg me to explain to them at Davos why they ended up broke.

Big Data changes everything.  I knew this from attending many conferences here in the Bay Area and now the middlebrow mainstream media feels comfortable introducing the concept to the masses.  The hot careers of the future will require Big Data masters of operations research with Six Sigma certifications.  Former hedge fund managers will be perfectly suited for these jobs once their funds implode.

More Americans are deciding not to be Americans anymore.  The folks whom FATCA has most inconvenienced are precisely the types of sophisticated, worldly job creators the US needs to keep.  Some version of the DREAM Act may negate this outflow by attracting highly educated immigrants, provided they aren't elbowed aside by illiterates grabbing welfare benefits.

I've attended some tech events lately where the participants think the social media train will never lose steam.  They need to read the news covering VC investments showing a collapse in funding for social media startups.  The next big trend in VC will be the funding of real things, especially things that plug into the Internet of Things (IoT).  I'm going to check out some of these tech things tonight.