Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alfidi Capital Slides For MoneyShow SF 2013 Seminar

I have published the PowerPoint slides I will use tomorrow during my seminar at the MoneyShow San Francisco 2013.  The slides and notes are available at the Alfidi Capital main site in the Special Reports section.  I will focus on small cap stocks in the natural resource sector with mining stocks as my primary examples.

They gave me 30 minutes for my seminar.  I plan to talk for at least half that time and leave time for questions.  I don't like being interrupted when I give talks but some people will probably do it anyway.  I will try my very best to be polite.  I expect my attendees to behave the same way out of courtesy for everyone.

I want my audience to admire my extreme genius and leave inspired to be better human beings.  I do not want any troublemakers.  I will be more than happy to call venue security and law enforcement to handle anyone who is disruptive.  My enemies need to stay home tomorrow.

My sacred mission in life is to display my genius in public and that is why I am speaking at the MoneyShow.  I will be available afterwards for congratulations and for photos with attractive women.  Ladies, wear your best attire to get my attention and have your phone numbers ready.