Friday, August 29, 2014

The Inhospitable Hospitality Suite Feels the Wrath of Alfidi Capital

Here's a special message for one enterprise I encountered at a recent conference.  I won't name them to save them the embarrassment.  That is a rare instance of my generosity.  I'm pretty sure the arrogant chief of this outfit, or at least the human-shaped cardboard cut-out he employs as his public face, will read my screed.  Here it comes, dude.  You can't sue me if I don't identify you.

You people were marketing private placements in natural resource extraction to a wide audience that included both accredited and non-accredited investors.  Transparency and reliability really matter in such an effort but your enterprise doesn't have a clue what those words mean.  Being cagey about your data did not help your case at all.  Failing to reveal serious questions about your operating history will furthermore be an eventual detriment.  Your entity has run afoul of your state's securities board before, and I easily located hard-copy proof.  I don't think you've changed your ways since then based on the behavior I witnessed in your hospitality suite.

Opening a hospitality suite is supposed to be a generous way to introduce investors to an opportunity.  It is not an opportunity for a senior executive to sulk while a junior flunkie gives the analyst community a straight-arm deflection.  It is also unwise to brag about your supposed desire to avoid publicity while you're speaking at a freaking nationally-advertised conference.  The cognitive dissonance on that score is amusing.  No wonder you people generate such dissatisfaction.

Get your memories straight.  I did not encounter you people in a different city last year.  We may have crossed paths in San Francisco if you attended the same conference I did in recent years, aside from the conference this year.  There's a good reason I did not give you my business card this year.  The script you use on the idiots in your local dirt patch doesn't fly with yours truly.  There are no suckers at Alfidi Capital.

One of my contacts spent some time in your hospitality suite after we spoke.  Would you like to know what he discovered?  If you are dumb enough to sue me, it goes on record in court and your investors will find out all about it.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from future conferences in San Francisco.  I'm surprised you even found your way from your hotel room to the conference, since some of your team members didn't even know where your hospitality suite was located.

Finally, the words "best" and "gut" do not rhyme.  Neither does anything in your pathetic sales pitch.  Good luck probing those dry holes, idiots.  You'll find more such dry holes wandering on two legs late at night around your favorite run-down urban district.  They're a lot cheaper than the holes you want to drill and the result might even be more enjoyable.