Friday, February 14, 2014

Alfidi Capital Publishes Special Report: Commonwealth Club Matching Game

I have just published a new report at Alfidi Capital.  This new one is the "Commonwealth Club Matching Game" on the page for Free Special Reports.  Go take a look at it right now.  It does not relate directly to the financial markets but it is a way to keep score on the intellectual life of San Franciscans.

My regular readers know that I sometimes bemoan the lack of intellectual capacity among the audience members at Commonwealth Club events.  I have decided to do something about this sad state of affairs.  I cannot intervene directly in the Club because I do not donate enough money to rank with big shots.  I therefore cannot enforce decorum during Club events by demanding that audience members refrain from pontificating.  These people must stick to asking intelligent questions and my satirical little game can help make that point.

If I can make this game go viral among pseudo-intellectuals in San Francisco, it may shame them into displaying less self-absorption when they open their mouths at the Club.  That's a lot to ask of these people but someone has to get the ball rolling.  It might as well be me.  I set the game rules to make myself the ultimate winner every time because I am by definition the answer to stupid losers in American society.  It's my game, for crying out loud.

I believe this game will become quite popular among critical thinkers who really do want to learn from the Commonwealth Club's distinguished guests.  It may annoy some people but that's okay.  I don't mind annoying people for a good cause.