Friday, August 02, 2013

Open Questions for Fraud Enablers in the San Francisco Bay Area

These inquiries are directed to a few people in particular.  They know who they are because I've tried to make them see the light.  I know enough about their characters to expect no answers.  

Do you consider fraud to be immoral?

Do you consider misrepresentation of a professional background to be immoral?

Do you perform due diligence on the people you invite into your circles of trust and confidence?

Do you continue to associate with someone of questionable character after you've received evidence of their many deceptions?

Do you understand that a public association with a known fraudster can expose you to charges of complicity in said person's frauds?

Finally, are you aware that the revised Stolen Valor Act provides for criminal penalties for those who obtain benefits from false portrayals of their veteran status?

I totally understand your reluctance to answer my questions.  That's normal for people in denial or who have something to hide.  Fraud can't be hidden forever.