Monday, June 24, 2013

Alpha-D Update for 06/24/13

I haven't made any changes to my portfolio in the past few months, until today.  I sold covered calls over FXF because I believe the Swiss franc has stabilized in value.  The Swiss can't hold down their currency's value forever and it is still useful to me as a hedge against both the dollar and euro.

I have not changed my other long positions in FXA, FXC, or GDX.  Those are my other hedges against the US dollar.  The gold mining sector has been absolutely hammered of late, which will be useful to me if I decide to add to my GDX position.  I still have a bearish put position on FXE because I think the euro is toast.

My cash horde awaits the right time to deploy into individual stocks I follow and hard asset sectors like mining, agriculture, and the like.  I love the plummeting stock market action of recent days and the sow rise in interest rates that will make investors flee bonds.  Cheap assets are lifelong buys.