Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Very Alfidi Capital Thanksgiving in 2012

I grew up watching those corny TV holiday specials like everyone else in Generation X.  There was always some special message about giving, sharing, kindness, or some such that those cute little animated characters wanted to share with us.  I've got some cute little messages of my own that are just filled with holiday cheer.

I'm thankful for whoever the heck clicks on my pages.  You people must be geniuses or else you wouldn't be attracted to my compelling content.

I'm thankful for the sponsors of business conferences who allow me to attend and even have me in a speaking role once in a while.  Those folks know talent when they see it and I obviously have it.

I'm thankful to be a self-employed blogger, where I can say whatever I like in public and make stupid people angry.  I'm thankful not to live in a police state where some pompous poobahs can have me arrested for goring their sacred cows.

I'm thankful to live in San Francisco, the greatest city in the world.  My social calendar is always full of fun events, especially during the Christmas season.  I'm also thankful that lots of attractive women show up at these events.

I'm thankful for today's buffet spread at the Palace Hotel.  I marveled at the wide variety of menu items.  I had ham, turkey, roast beef, salmon, shrimp, steak medallions, several different seafood and vegetable salads, paella, sushi, specialty cheeses, ravioli alfredo, caviar, pate, and champagne.  I overdid the dessert servings; someday I'll learn not to have more than a couple of confections.  I'm also thankful for the hot chicks in form-fitting dresses who attended.  Why were they dressed like they were at a cocktail event looking to score?  Beats me.  I was too busy eating to get their phone numbers so maybe I had my priorities all wrong.

Most importantly, I'm thankful to be financially secure enough to afford the things I mentioned above and to have the good health needed to enjoy them.  The bounty on display at the Palace Hotel is the product of a capitalistic society, where people are free to pursue their dreams.  The bottom line is that I'm thankful to be an American.  I don't expect Americans to be thankful for my existence but that's okay.