Tuesday, January 31, 2012

XcelMobility (XCLL) Talks Fast Mobile But Oddly Spent Little Capex

Tim Fields is at it again.  He must really like the analyses I've published of his past teaser mailings, because his Untapped Wealth Online keeps sending me more teasers for penny stocks that deserve public examination.  I got a brand new one last week.  This time he's touting XcelMobility (XCLL), some company that claims to accelerate Internet speed.  Maybe it's like a router on steroids.  It sure would be nice if such enhanced performance could have a steroidal effect on the company's financial results, because so far this stock is passed out on the gym floor.

The company has three years of zero revenue.  Why anybody would take such a company public is beyond my ability to appreciate.  They had no discernible capex spending for three years, which is unusual for a tech company with such a supposedly promising approach to acceleration.  In 2011 they spent a whopping $13K on capex.  It took them three years to figure out how to spend money on R&D, folks.  Figure that one out.  Other tech companies start spending on development right off the bat.

The leadership team seems to have relevant entrepreneurial credibility at first glance.  They also seem to have a common connection to CC Power, XCLL's predecessor company.  It's cool that founding teams stick together but they need to produce more than a corporate reorganization and name change.  I've noticed that the original company was born in Gold River, California before its reverse merger.  That's a stone's throw from where I grew up.  There is no precedent (of which I'm aware) for any special business innovation to come out of the east side of Sacramento - except for Yours Truly, of course.

If this stock is anything like the others in Tim Fields' mailers, I expect it to underwhelm in 2012.  I stay away from tech companies that run their big fat mouths about how much promise they have with little tangible results.

Full disclosure:  No position in XCLL, ever.