Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MabCure (MBCI) Still A Work In Progress

Tim Field's Trinity Investment Research once sent me a mailer about another so-called winner.  Let's check out MabCure (MBCI) and see if they performed as the teaser flyer from the Untapped Wealth newsletter predicted.  Here we go again with three years of negative net income, retained earnings, and free cash flow.  Just once I'd like to see some financial health from one of these publicly-traded companies that pumpers like to tout.

MabCure aims to research novel cancer diagnostics and treatments by identifying markers and antigens specific to tumors.  I do not possess the medical expertise to ascertain whether this is a valid approach.  I can only wonder how a traditional laboratory approach like this will fare when faced with massively distributed competition from small-scale biohacking labs.  There is probably enough  information in the public domain for a networked collaborative of garage biolabs to assemble bio-widgets that can identify markers.

I'd rather participate in a local biospace than invest in a biotech company doing marker identification the old-fashioned way.

Full disclosure: No position in MBCI at this time.