Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NYC Cleared of OccupyWS Detritus, Hopefully SF Next

Public authorities have fulfilled their responsibilities by finally clearing the trash from Zuccotti Park in New York City.  They took the tents and plywood away too, after the real trash (bums and rapists masquerading as protesters) departed.  Seriously, this enforcement of public health codes was long overdue.  The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and assembly but it does not provide for the "right" to create a public health hazard.  Protesters are welcome to speak their minds provided they obey laws, don't obstruct traffic or commerce, and respect the rights of other citizens.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is unable to conduct itself in accord with American norms. 

My first-hand observations of the OccupySF encampment here in The City have confirmed that this movement has zero chance of solving financial corruption or relieving stress on the middle class.  The movement as presently constituted has attracted all stripes of civilization's malcontents.  No way are America's entrepreneurs and educated professionals going to find common cause with the Marxists, anarchists, and professional vagrants presently encamped at Justin Herman Plaza. 

OccupySF, you've had your fun.  I got your message loud and clear:  You don't like money, capitalism, clean running water, working for a living, personal responsibility, or the comforts of modern civilization.  Now please pack up and go home before you attract more disease to San Francisco.  Wall Street's problems will be solved in the free market, with entrepreneurs launching new banks and customers moving business away from systemically unstable institutions.