Thursday, September 08, 2011

Disgusting Union Thugs Harm Sea-Tac Ports

Economic hardship is no excuse for thuggish behavior.  Economic obsolescence is even less of an excuse.  Immature brutes used union solidarity as a cover for physical threats that closed sea ports in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.  These idiots had the temerity to threaten security officers and the insolence to halt legitimate trade.  Who do they think they are? 

This is disgusting behavior from people whose employment is no longer viable at prevailing wages.  Instead of adjusting their expectations downward, or retraining for gainful employment that pays more, they lash out at economic forces beyond their control.  It's time to call these union dirtbags on the carpet and hand them their walking papers.  If they don't think their longshoremen's jobs at the ports are good enough, they need to step aside and let in the non-union hires who obviously want to work. 

There is no such thing as entitlement to a job.  Union thugs are placing American trade at risk, and with this particular action they are placing lives at risk by blocking train tracks (an immediate physical hazard in violation of OSHA workplace safety rules) and preventing grain from moving (a potential risk to life if food can't get to market).  Self-serving stupidity isn't unique to longshoremen.  Teamsters are suing to stop Mexican truckers from doing their jobs faster, cheaper, and better than they could ever do. 

America's union workers are finished.  The labor market in this country is long overdue for liberation from the iron hand of unionization.