Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flash Mobs For CEO Homes May Be A Trend

Protests at the homes of senior executives started happening during the first half of this long financial crisis back in 2008.  Were those frustrated investors angry at corporate executives?  The protests petered out after the bailouts.  Now some Verizon workers are picking up the baton.  Candlelight vigils are noteworthy for their ineffectiveness but at least the participants feel better for getting something out of their systems.  How about flash mobs as the next stage in this movement?  BofA is about to cut a whole bunch of formerly productive employees, so they're probably texting strategies right now. 

Don't bring your flash mobs over to my place, folks.  There just isn't enough room here to accommodate your gathering with all of these attractive women hanging around me wherever I go.  Check my Facebook photos for confirmation.