Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Stock Promoters Getting Sloppy And Getting Punished

Pump-and-dump schemes are even older than the financial markets in which they now operate.  When Schmedlap in 2000 B.C. was touting his camels in the Egyptian desert to unsuspecting tribesman, he probably embellished their stamina just a little bit.

Things haven't changed.  Pumpers touting stocks with poor prospects do the same thing.  Some firm called Wall Street PR just coughed up $382,000 to the SEC for promoting MitoPharm.  I've never heard of MitoPharm and after this news I don't want to hear about them.  Another promoter was playing games with unregistered shares of Universal Food and Beverage and as a result won't be doing anything with penny stock shares anymore.  I want nothing to do with penny stocks anyway, but those of you who do should take note of the sharks plying the waters ready to eat you alive. 

Full disclosure:  Alfidi Capital is not a "pumper" or stock promoter.  This firm does not accept any compensation from companies mentioned in its blog posts or research reports.