Wednesday, May 04, 2011

RIG And A Deep Dig, Plus New Oil Exploration

Here's a brief note on something that will catch more investors' eyes in the years ahead.  Transocean announced a new deepwater drilling success, possibly even a new world record.  This kind of expertise is going to be very much in demand as the low-hanging fruit of onshore and shallow-water drilling is maxed out.  The industry needs answers now as it prepares for drilling in the Arctic.  How deep will they have to go?  How thick is the ice?  Answer those questions, plus tons of others, and a lucrative career awaits geologists and engineers north of the Arctic Circle. 

Plateau Oil won't be as bad as Peak Oil with drillers like RIG around, assuming they survive BP's massive lawsuit over the Deepwater Horizon fiascoNew guidelines on the use of blowout preventers will help explorers, provided they get wide dissemination.  Any drillers looking to expand south of the border?  Mexico needs oil services if it wishes to transform its slide down the far slope of Peak Oil into a nice slow drift toward Plateau Oil. 

Nota bene:  No positions in RIG or BP.