Monday, April 11, 2011

YRCW Just Couldn't Keep Up With The Pack In 2010

LTL truckers had mostly good results in 2010, growing revenue by 9.4%.  One notable exception was YRCW, which saw its revenue decline by 11%.  All those fat union behinds cost more to haul around.  Those losers will really get a run for their money now that the FMCSA is ready to approve its pilot program for Mexican truckers to operate north of the border.  A little competition is great for those truckers who can handle it and not so great for union drivers who abhor competition. 

Speaking of competition, trucking schools are enrolling huge numbers of potential drivers.  Driving a truck isn't so difficult after all if so many people can learn to do it so quickly.  That's great news for carriers and not so great for union drivers who think their limited skills are indispensable. 

Speaking of driving skill, trucking's safety record is better than ever in 2011, with the fatality rate down by 14.1% from last year.  There's a hidden factor behind those statistics besides better training, supervision, and regulation.  That hidden factor is the declining number of union drivers on the road along with fewer union workers in general.  Fewer incompetent drivers steering big rigs means safer roads for the rest of us. 

These are all welcome trends and positive developments.  Today is a day to celebrate good news!  :-)

Full disclosure:  No position in YRCW at this time.