Saturday, March 05, 2011

Middle Class Wakes Up To Union Dangers

Union agitators counting on mainstream support for their offensive tactics in Wisconsin had better think again.  Americans are less fond of unions than ever:

Support is no longer a sure thing from the middle class -- not even in a city long considered a union stronghold in a state that gave birth to the nation's largest public employee union. National polls show that the portion of the public that views unions favorably has dropped to near historic lows in recent years, dipping below 50 percent by some accounts.

People who think for themselves don't assume that unions bring bountiful benefits to the working class.  The economic damage done by union demands - the higher costs, the inflexible work rules, the hurdles to layoffs and restructuring - is obvious in the hollowed-out manufacturing heartland of America.  Government employee unions are the worst of the bunch, bringing corruption and inefficiency to essential government services that are already difficult to deliver effectively. 

Bye-bye unions.  Your services are no longer required.