Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News Flash: Ecuador Disses Preppies!

I never thought I'd find myself agreeing with a contemporary of Hugo Chavez, but this one is golden:

Leftist Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa welcomed Wall Street investment analysts losing jobs in the financial crisis, calling them lazy yuppies who criticized governments without doing research.

He dislikes preppies almost as much as I do, and for the same reasons. Their smarmy superiority and intellectual laziness have long been a pestilence south of the border.

"When I was minister, it was unbearable to have a line of those kids asking for an appointment so that I could do their job. They'd ask you for your analysis and then present it in a report as if were their own," he added as he hosted fellow South American socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Don't worry, Senor Correa. Preppies are now on a permanent vacation, and they won't be flying down to see you because they've maxed out their rich daddies' American Express Black cards.