Saturday, February 20, 2016

Financial Sarcasm Roundup for 02/20/16

It's always a great day at Alfidi Capital. It's even greater when I'm throwing sarcasm at the financial world.

China replaced its stock market regulator with a bank economist. Trading one type of loser for another will not repair foreign investors' lost confidence. The symbolism of a former central bank official watching stock movements is that capital markets must do the state's bidding. They could try putting a panda bear in charge. It would be more fun to watch than a human regulator and just as effective given the system's pervasive corruption.

US law enforcement and Apple are testing each other's legal patience. It looks like so much theater to me. Apple has cooperated with data subpoenas before. It's fairly easy to unlock iPhone data anyway. It's so easy, a caveman could do it. The latest case should not be such a big deal but Apple has to at least go through a few hysterical motions to please Silicon Valley's hard-core libertarians and data geeks. The data privacy crowd simply does not grok the "layer cake" messaging methods that federal regulators often employ with the finance sector, and now with the tech sector. I do not expect the data crowd of Star Wars fans and Bitcoin nut jobs to uncover such subtle public performances.

The heart of Yahoo's operation is going to the highest bidder. The board should fire the CEO for dragging this decision out so long. I would have kept the core business and sold off everything else, but the Yahoo board never asked me to become CEO. It's their loss. I will LOL if Microsoft emerges as the ultimate buyer, getting a bargain for what they should have acquired in 2008. Silicon Valley's smartest people sometimes do some really dumb things. It took a series of geniuses over a decade to destroy Yahoo when it could have been saved under Microsoft.

I still use Yahoo Finance because I like the details. It enhances my net worth. Dumb people in the Valley continue to dump capital into doomed tech startups. Laughing at them all will enhance my well-being.