Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Open Questions for The City Club of San Francisco

The City Club of San Francisco is a renowned private club in this town.  I have attended many events there as a guest of other organizations that rented the club's event spaces.  I have considered becoming a member but I am concerned about how the club is handling a very serious case among its membership.  I would like to pose the following questions to the leadership of the City Club and its exclusive 155 Society.

Do you believe that City Club members should be of strong moral character?  If so, do you tolerate members who lack personal integrity?  I define personal integrity as the ability to distinguish right from wrong and to tell the truth.

Is there anyone in the City Club who habitually exhibits a lack of personal integrity?

Is there anyone in the City Club who wore falsified military decorations while on active duty with the US Army?  This is commonly called "Stolen Valor" among service members and veterans.

Is there anyone in the City Club who claims to have a background in business (most likely real estate) yet is unable to verify title records or transaction details from their alleged career?

Is there anyone in the City Club who has accepted charitable donations and spent them with no accountability or verifiable results?

Is there anyone in the City Club who has been expelled from the American Legion for fraud and misconduct?

My colleagues and I have tried to contact members of this club but they do not seem to be concerned about this matter at all.  I will raise the issue here for the general public to see.  I do not expect a response but City Club officials can reach me at (415) 317-9005 if they're so inclined.  I am morally obligated to ask these questions because Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative demands that I seek justice.