Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Questions for the San Francisco Prayer Breakfast

The local supporters of the national Prayer Breakfast phenomenon held their annual breakfast today at the City Club.  I have open questions for them.

Do you believe that a Christian should possess personal integrity?  I define "personal integrity" very broadly as the general ability to distinguish right from wrong and the ability to tell the truth.

If so, do you tolerate members of your group who do not possess personal integrity?

Do you know anyone who has willfully and repeatedly worn unearned military decorations and has been expelled from the American Legion for misconduct?

Do you believe that military veterans who engage in fraud and misconduct after leaving the service should be held to account in a court of law?

I do not expect this group to answer me but I had to publish this article to put my concerns on the record.  My colleagues already know how I would answer these questions.