Monday, February 25, 2013

Alfidi Capital Sarcasm Proven Correct Twice

My weekly Financial Sarcasm Roundup is starting to gain predictive power.  Here are two recent examples of my prescience.

Just today I said that a muddled electoral result would be bad news for Italy and the eurozone.  Today a CNBC news item confirms that Italy's inconclusive election has indeed hurt the euro.  I totally called it.

Earlier this month I noted that a "GS account" was an obvious hint to the SEC as to where they should look for insider trading in Heinz options.  The WSJ has since reported that a private wealth client of Goldman Sachs is under scrutiny.  I called this one too, even more precisely than the Italy thing.

I told you so!  My analytical methods and original insights are amazing predictors of future developments.  Those of you who read my Financial Sarcasm Roundups are the elite few who stay well-informed in finance.  Anyone who does not read my sarcasm is a stupid loser.  I am a genius and only really smart people can understand what I say.  For my next trick, I predict the sun will come up tomorrow.  Just you wait and see!