Friday, July 12, 2013

Anthony Alfidi Seminar at MoneyShow San Francisco 2013

If you people haven't filled your August calendars with action, I've got something for you to do.  I'm presenting a FREE seminar on investing in small-cap stocks at the MoneyShow San Francisco, one of the world's most popular investment conferences.  Register to attend the conference for FREE and you might learn something about how I evaluate stocks for inclusion in my portfolio.  There's more to the MoneyShow than just me.  The entire conference is jam-packed with insights into products, theories, and asset classes.  

Regular readers of my blog know the basics of my approach to small-cap stocks.  I follow the natural resource sector closely and look for stocks with appropriate management, verifiable estimates of deposit quality, and enough capital to meet their intended milestones.  I will elaborate on the mechanics of this methodology live and in person.  

I must also warn any potential troublemakers that the conference organizers and hotel staff take a very professional approach to maintaining decorum.  My controversial writing has resulted in threats of harm to my person over the years.  I ignore these threats because stupid people deserve to be ignored.  I am more than prepared to defend myself but that is less important than the safety and comfort of fellow conference guests.  I want all of my seminar attendees to feel safe in a disruption-free environment.  Conference and hotel staff will remove anyone who attempts to disrupt my seminar.  I will fully support law enforcement in any judicial action against someone who causes trouble in my seminar.  

Come to my MoneyShow seminar to learn.  Stay away if you only cause problems.  Oh BTW, I will be available after the conference for extended discussions, especially with attractive women.