Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Working Through 2018 Backlog

Hello there, faithful readers. In case you've been wondering why my posts have been sporadic for some time, you can wonder no more. I have in fact been quite busy since 2018 with some side projects that have taken up more of my time than I anticipated. I may soon have some very intriguing things to offer as a result.

I have been exploring some technology platforms that can expand the reach of Alfidi Capital. The digital revolution now makes it easier than ever to generate and publish audio and video products. Incorporating these things into a blog format is challenging, so I continue to review platforms that can leverage my brand in different media.

You all know I am a terrific writer. I have done a significant amount of research that should make for some longer written pieces. Making them long enough to stand alone as books is the easy part. The hard part is finding the right self-publishing outlet online that maximizes my marketing reach. In other words, I've got some books coming, and I will let you know when they are ready.

Startup entrepreneurs still seek my wisdom. Turning such fleeting relationships into sweat equity is less of a challenge when the right incubators and accelerators offer launch platforms. I know where this is going to go and the rest of you do not. Suffice it to say that Silicon Valley action is definitely for me.

Rest assured, Alfidi Capital is alive and well. I sill soon publish a backlog of articles covering tech events I have attended since 2018. The demands on my time increase as my reputation brings new insights and opportunities. Just remember how lucky you all are to have access to my infinite wisdom for free here on the Alfidi Capital Blog.